Paintings & Crafts

As an artist I just love to paint and draw. When painting I prefer to work with acrylics for their vibrant colours and quick drying properties. I love colour, my favourite being yellow, and find endless inspiration in the natural world around me. I am also interested in portraiture as the human face is always fascinating. If you are interested in any of my works or wish to enquire about a commission please get in touch via my Contact Page.



As a trained scenic artist painting scenery for theatre and film, the technique I most enjoy doing is creating fake marble as it so expressive and intricate. I enjoy it so much that I have introduced it into my own work painting stylised faux marble coasters, vases and decorative hearts all of which are for sale and make fantastic small gifts.

These items can be painted to order. Please note that colours and patterns may differ from the examples shown due to the organic nature of the process. As a result, each piece will be totally unique. All items are ceramic, not made by myself, and painted in a high quality ceramic or glass paint which after I have baked them becomes waterproof.

Unless otherwise stated all images on this website belong to Alison Drane. All artwork is copyright of the artist (Alison Drane) and may not be reproduced without permission.

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